Breaking The 100 Barrier Kit

Breaking The 100 Barrier Kit

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Leading your Church to more than 100 members shouldn't feel like a mystery...even during a pandemic!  However, breaking the 100 attendance barrier in Church attendance can be one of the most difficult barriers to overcome!


That's why in this "Breaking The 100 Barrier" Kit, I've included all of the tools you need to take your Church from 0-100, faster than you thought possible!  Inside of this (digitally downloadable) kit you'll find:

"9 Ways To Extend Your Digital Reach" - learn how to reach your community through social media & email.

"9 Ways To Increase Your Church's Giving" - find out how to increase the overall level of generosity within your Church 20%-35% every year!

"The 90-Day Win Planner" - Get your ministry leadership team focused, and on the same page, going in the same direction, so that you can achieve your biggest ministry goals in under 90 Days.

"Breaking Through Growth Barriers" - This is a step-by-step training I did for Pastors, helping them understand how to break through the 100, 200 & 500 barriers"

"The Church Playbook - Digital Bundle" - This is the PDF & Audio files for the book that started it all!

6 Training Videos On Getting Your Church To 200 - These are the core training videos inside of The Church Playbook Academy



Bonus #1 - "Five Habits Of Every Broken Relationship" - This ebook is something that you can share with your Church members, when they're struggling in their relationship.

Bonus #2 - Sermon Series - "Storm Chasers" - Outlines & Transcripts for my series on 1st Peter (graphics included)

Bonus #3 - Sermon Series - "Overdrawn" - Outlines & Transcripts for my financial series that will help your Church get out of debt, save for their future & give like never before (graphics included)


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